User Facility Reporting Bulletin Spring 1997


There is inconsistency in the terminology used to describe the raw agricultural materials and the products made from various intermediate forms (e.g., natural rubber latex and dry natural rubber); synthetic latex and synthetic rubber to which natural rubber has been added; and synthetic latex and synthetic rubber that contain NO natural rubber. The following terms are used in the Bulletin:

“Natural latex” (NL) is defined as a milky fluid that consists of extremely small particles of rubber obtained from a rubber tree. It contains a variety of substances and plant proteins thought to be primary allergens.

“Natural rubber” (NR) includes all materials made from or containing natural latex. Natural rubber containing products are made using two common Processes: the Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) process and the Dry Natural Rubber (DNR) process.

The phrase “contains natural rubber” includes NRL and DNR products as well as any synthetic latex or synthetic rubber that contain natural rubber. This definition does not include any synthetic latex or synthetic rubber product that contains NO natural rubber.

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