The results of the market surveillance study of natural rubber medical gloves in 1997 (numbers refer to various batches)

Manufacturer LOW
<10 AU/ml
10–100 AU/ml
>100 AU/ml
Aladan Corp. Aladan Neutraderm Hypo-allergenic / Powder-Free Latex Medical Examination Glove (1251524) Aladan Classic Triple-Ply Latex Medical Examination Gloves (2256511)  
    Aladan Sterile latex Medical Glove (909317)  
    Aladan Wet-Grip, resistant, Triple-Ply Latex Medical Examination Glove (2214525)  
    Aladan Duratex Triple-Ply Latex Medical Glove (2263511)  
Ansell Lanka (PVT) Ltd.   Ansell Medical Conform Sterile Examination Glove (612010706, 701031106)  
Ansell Medical Ansell Medical Gammex Sterile Hypoallergenic Surgical glove (611075003, 609054203) Ansell Medical Conform non sterile, latex examination glove (606008509)  
  Ansell Medical NuTex Sterile Hypoallergenic surgical gloves (701109603, 510877203) Ansell Medical Conform Latex Examination Glove (610068101)  
  Ansell Medical Latex Examination Gloves, Powder Free (610288604)    
  Ansell Medical Micro-Thin NuTex, powder free, sterile, hypoallergenic Surgical Gloves (608020703, 607993403)    
  Ansell Medical Gammex Sterile Latex Micro-Thin Hypoallergenic Surgical Gloves (701103903)    
  Ansell Medical, Derma Prene Hypoallergenic Surgical Gloves Sterile (607008603, 607007603, 701015306, 70101826)    
  Ansell Medical Orthopaedic, Sterile Hypoallergenic surgical Glove (702119503)    
  Ansell Medical no powder, Sterile Hypoallergenic surgical Glove (606997203)    
Ansell Perry Inc.     Encore, Powder-free hypoallergenic latex surgical glove (5785204)
Baxter / Baxter Healthcare Corp. Triflex Powder-Free (sterile latex operations glove) (96D15DPG) Triflex Standard Sterile Latex Surgeons Glove (97B21YPG)  
  Ultrafree Sterile Latex Powder-Free Surgical Glove (PGS6N301X) Ultraderm Sterile Latex Surgeon’s Gloves (96J18FPG)  
Johnson & Johnson Medical Inc. Micro-Touch Powder-Free Latex Examination Glove (LCB19086) Micro-Touch Latex Medical Examination Glove (051717-A)  
  Micro-Touch, Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves (F04861, F04835) Micro-Touch, Powder Free Latex Surgical Gloves (E07993)  
  Micro-Touch Latex Surgical Glove (058728)    
  Neutralon 50 Brown Surgical Glove (E06152)    
LRC Hospital Products / LRC Products Ltd. Biogel Super-Sensitive Surgeons Glove (95J0491)    
  Regent Biogel D the dedicated dental procedure glove (92098)    
Medigloves Ltd. Medigloves, Medical examination glove (35/96/2)    
Motex Motex, powder free Latex Gloves (1003143)    
Motex; M.R.I. Co, Ltd Motex, surgical glove powder-free, hypoallergenic (51112508)    
Mölnlycke Glads, powder free (960715)   Glads textured green (960905)
      Glads White, procedure glove, pre powdered (970102)
/SCA Mölnlycke Dunmanway Co     Glads sterile, Procedure glove, pre-powdered (97C19-6356346)
Products del Latex S.A. Prolax Gel, Surgical Glove (47X17) Prolax (Standard) powdered, surgical Glove (37G01)  
Regent Hospital Products Biogel, Powder-free surgical gloves (96B0645, 96A0291) Biogel M, Powder-free surgical glove, latex (96B3061)  
Regent Medical Inc. Dermatex clinical gloves for dentistry (1041721)    
Safeskin Corp. Safeskin 2000 Latex Surgical Glove (7009-A30A) Safeskin, Powder-Free Latex Exam Glove (erät 7048-T3, 6324-A02) Safeskin Exel, sterile surgical Glove (6228-A25)
  Safeskin Exel, sterile surgical Glove (6234-A25) Safeskin, Lightly Powdered Latex Exam Gloves (7048-T1, 7021-T1)  
  Safeskin Supra, Sterile Latex Surgical Glove (01A5178A)    
SDI Sweden, Oriola Oy Hammasväline Top Dent Latex glove (60112449)   Top Dent Latex gloves (10524747)
  Top Dent Latex Gloves hypoallergenic, powder-free (60110460)    
Semperit Technische Produkte Sempermed, Powder free, non sterile (03971696X0136) Sempermed supreme Surgeon’s gloves — Latex (FG7C7) Sempermed, Derma plus, Surgeon’s glove latex (13F6G5)
    Sempermed Powder Free, Examination glove, non sterile (109614830030) Sempermed, non sterile latex examination glove (109614830246)
Selefa Trade Oy   Everquard Latex examination gloves (50919004)  

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