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Support & Advocacy Groups

  • Food & Latex Allergy Awareness Group, Inc. (FLAAG)
    Local support group that holds meetings at Milford Hospital in Milford, CT
  • Iowa Latex Allergy Support Network
    Non-profit support network in Iowa promoting awareness of hevea natural rubber latex allergy
  • South Dakota Latex Allergy Network
    Latex allergy information for those living in or visiting South Dakota
  • Latex Allergy Association of New York State
    Support group located in Rochester, NY area
  • Kansas City Latex Allergy Network
    Local information and resource site about natural rubber latex allergy
  • Latexallergie-Informations-Vereinigung (L.A.I.V. e.V.)
    Latex allergy self-help organization in Germany
  • Latex Allergy Support Group (LASG)
    National self-help group in the UK
  • same as above
  • Potomac Latex Allergy Association
    Washington, DC area Archived version
  • Asociación Española de Alérgicos al Látex
  • AEPNAA: Asociación Española de Alérgicos a Alimentos y Látex
  • NRLALivingRoom
    Internet support group for those who have latex allergy or those who wish to learn more about it

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