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Hevea brasiliensis

  • Danish Environmental Protection Agency
    • Emission of chemical substances from products made of exotic wood
      Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products No 49, 2005
    • Emission of chemical compounds from products made of exotic wood
      Mapping of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products No 49, 2004
    • Emission of chemical substances from products made of exotic wood PDF
      Survey of Chemical Substances in Consumer Products, No. 49 2004
  • Firestone Tappers Live in Squalor
    Firestone rubber tappers, whose hard, productive labor has made the multibillion dollar company one of the world's richest and most successful enterprises, are living in deplorable, dehumanizing conditions by John K. Forkpa & Boto K. Bradford Liberian Daily Observer Monrovia, Liberia, West Africa Dec 27 2005
  • Measurement of Dry Rubber Content in Latex Using Microwave Technique PDF
    by T. Jayanthy, P.E. Sankaranarayanan Measurement Science Review Vol 5 Section 3 2005
  • List of Hevea brasiliensis rubber (latex) proteins
    International Union of Immunological Societies, Allergen Nomenclature Sub-Committee Feb 20 2006 Archived version
  • same as above
    Archived version
  • Brazil: When El Dorado Was Here
    by Rita Shannon Koeser Brazzil Sep 2003
  • Hevea brasiliensis photos
    by Jim Space
  • Hevea brasiliensis
    UW-Madison Department of Botany
  • Hunting for the elusive latex allergen
    by Yeang Hoong Yeet New Straits Times Mar 23 2003
  • Surfactant Treatment Reduces Both Allergen Content and Cure Efficiency of Hevea Latex
    by W.W. Schloman, Jr. Trends in new crops and new uses 2002
  • same as above PDF
  • Latex Allergens and Plant Defense-Related Proteins as Latex Allergens
    National Institute of Health Sciences Division of Medical Devices Japan
  • Rubber Tree Research Offers Hope for Taming Allergies, Treating Illnesses
    Special Report: The ISAAA (International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications) Biotechnology Fellowship Program Archived version
  • Rubber
    Not to stretch the point, but this miracle material puts a little bounce in life by Rowena Bolin The Courier-Journal Louisville, KY
  • Rubber
    Colliers Encyclopedia 1996
  • same as above
    Archived version
  • Rubber/Latex Tree
    Archived version
  • Plant images
    see Hevea brasiliensis
  • Bolivian rubber gatherer tapping Hevea brasiliensis for its white latex
    Journey into Amazonia — Powerful Plants
  • same as above
  • Natural Rubber
    Australian National University 1999 Archived version
  • Gloves Can Be Dangerous
    by Vivienne Baillie Gerritsen Protein Spotlight Issue 13 Aug 2001
  • same as above PDF
  • Rubber trees running with blood
    by Roger Highfield Daily Telegraph UK Feb 10 2001
  • Rubber trees may yield blood protein
    by Tim Radford The Guardian United Kingdom Feb 10 2001
  • same as above
  • Tree of life
    Gene-altered rubber plants are putting human proteins on tap New Scientist Feb 09 2001
  • Hevea brasiliensis: The Rubber Tree
    by Laura Law Ethnobotanical Leaflets Fall 1999
  • The Rubber Tree (Hevea brasiliensis)
    by Keith E. Morgan Ethnobotanical Leaflets Spring 1999
  • Rubber Production: Tapping rubber trees, latex collection and processing of raw rubber
    Pictorial essay by Prof. Joseph E. Armstrong Illinois State University
  • The rubber industry’s biological nightmare
    by Wade Davis Fortune Aug 04 1997 Archived version
  • same as above
  • same as above
    Archived version
  • Picture of H. brasiliensis
    courtesy of Marco Bleeker
  • From the Amazon to the Indianapolis 500
    essay by Professor Arthur C. Gibson UCLA
  • Tapping latex of Hevea rubber(1)
  • Tapping latex of Hevea rubber(2)

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